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  • Drug and Medical devices registration

RahaGene Pharmaceutical has a team of experts for registration of drugs, supplements and medical devices with Ministry of Health of Iran. RahaGene provides specialized registration support enabling rapid and uncomplicated registration in Iran. RahaGene is well familiar with regulatory laws and knows how to manage interdisciplinary regulation for faster result.


  • Importation

RahaGene facilitates the importation of medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs and supplements by providing services such as financing, shipping, customs release, labeling, etc. Additionally RahaGene works closely with Iran’s Ministry of Health (MOH) for Emergency Importation (based on countries emergency needs), Name Patient Program (NPP) and also preregistration periodic importation.


  • Distribution

RahaGene is partnered with local distributors for distributions of medical devices, pharmaceutical products and supplements a covers over 11,000 pharmacies across Iran. Additionally RahaGene distributes its products directly to major Hospitals and pharmacies.


  • Marketing

RahaGene has a team well experienced marketing team that know how to structure and implement an effective marketing strategy to enter a new product into the market or increase the market share. Our marketing utilized it team to provide service such as: Influencing Health Care providers and doctors, educate patients & Caregiver, Maximize Convention Booth Engagements, etc.


  • Clinical Trials

RahaGene has continuously been in search of new, innovative and effective pharmaceutical solutions. Therefore RahaGene has partnered with research institutes to perform clinical trials on new pharmaceutical breakthroughs. Currently RahaGene is interested in new Monoclonal Antibodies.